about us

liv is the Scandinavian word for life. With their influences from all around the world and the wish of doing something for the environment, Tina and Asad create sustainable design. get to know the liv team, their areas of responsibility, their lifestyle.


Tina Mirza:

Tina develops and designs the products for our new collections together with Shreya and Asad. Most of the time, she is on the move and she is also traveling a lot to India and Vietnam. On these occasions she is visiting our suppliers and manufacturers, coordinates the buying and shipping process of our products. She is also traveling around Europe a lot to exhibit at the fairs. As our CEO she is taking care of plenty of other tasks, but being creative is definitely her favourite part of the job. German bureaucracy can be so boring… Free time is rare, but then she loves going out with her friends and spends hours outside with Maja the dog. Maja might soon be getting competitors as Tina would like to adopt a chicken family.


Asad Mirza:

Asad is taking care of the whole logistics of our warehouse. Moreover, he is helping Tina to find the right suppliers, assumes negotiations in the local language and decides over the packaging of the products. Asad loves designing new shapes for lamps made of natural materials and is always happy about inspirational trips to Vietnam. The long flights are of course not very environmentally friendly, so he is trying to reduce them. In his free time he loves to spend time in the garden and his wild bee garden is getting bigger and bigger every summer.

Anne-Sophie Hémery:

Due to her international roots, it makes sense that Anne-Sophie is taking care of all international liv clients and our agents. She has committed to a yoga lifestyle, which dedicates to mindfulness and a respectful treatment of the environment. Public transportation and her leasing bike, as well as a nearly vegan nutrition are therefore a matter of course. It is a matter close to the heart for her, that liv has chosen a sustainable path and also supports great projects like, for instance the ceramic craftshop in Vietnam, where women with a difficult past get to build a new life for themselves and at the same time craft beautiful design.

Nobody's perfect: Anne-Sophie loves to travel around Asia and has a bad conscience due to her CO2 footprint, which gets bigger with every flight she hops on.

Kati Gellert

Kati Gellert:

For Kati, sustainability has become an integral part of everyday life. Sometimes she has to laugh at herself when she finds herself an eco-girl. At liv she takes care of the online shop and maintains contact with customers.

She is very interested in how to make production processes more innovative and how to communicate this to customers. The actual fashion designer is also co-founder of the sustainable fashion label Kluntje, rides her bike everywhere and everywhere and loves second-hand fashion. In her free time she likes to fiddle around with creative ideas and likes to be surrounded by lots of friends.


Malek Kevitz:

Malek is an enthusiastic bachelor and faithfully taking care of our warehouse. When he is packing the parcels for the customers, he sometimes reminds us of a tornado as he is working incredibly fast. Malek is the one in the team, whose CO2 rate is the lowest as he is commuting every time he needs to go to the warehouse. And that is quite a journey on the train sometimes.


Bettina Aleanakian:

Bettina is taking control of the money flow at liv and is always busy accounting and booking documents. She loves cultural and musical experiences and whenever she is not playing with numbers, she is playing on her violin. It never gets boring in Bettina’s life, on her countless adventures through Europe she prefers travelling by train. As years have gone by, Bettina has completely decorated her home with liv and keeps decorating her kids home’s, which makes it difficult to say, exactly which liv product her favourite is.

Shreya Chhabra:

At Liv we believe “Good living is Sustainable living” and as a textile designer, for Shreya design is not just about the product, it is also about the responsibility towards the environment and people to inspire a zero waste lifestyle. Her favourite liv product is the MATRIX rug as it is a very good example about how we can create easy and effective green living in every home without making any compromise in design. In her free time you can find Shreya either on her Yoga mat or exploring the restaurants of the city. But either way, you can be sure that she's surrounded by a crowd of people as Shreya is a socializer, who always enjoys a good laugh.