A fairytale-like reincarnation - From a plastic bottle to a liv rug

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away…” are the first words of our beloved fairytales and there is actually no better intro to today’s blog post.

Do you remember that lovely feeling as a child, when someone read you a fairytale?

Take your time, wrap yourself up in your cozy blanket and enjoy a coffee or tea from your favorite mug. Ask one of your loved ones to read you this post.

Here we go!


Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a plastic bottle that was send out into the world. It was a light companion that helped little humans stop their thirst. From the beginning its fate was determined as its label said: “I am a one day wonder. As soon as I’ll be empty, people are going to throw me away.” But there was hope, as every plastic bottle knew about RECYCLING! Reincarnation was a safe one, but our little bottle just didn’t know what was to be its fate in its next life. Anyway, the bottle knew exactly what it wished for.

“I want to reincarnate as a brand new liv rug. This way I will enjoy a long life and serve a good purpose. I will be user-friendly and flexible. Indoor or outdoor – I will accept any challenge and promise that we’ll have a wonderful time together with my future owner.”


Now it’s time to be brave, dear reader, as we are about to leave the fairytale mode. Don’t worry, we promise, it won’t hurt. Let’s take a look at what’s happening behind the scenes.

PET is an acronym for Polyethylenterephtalat. It’s a synthetic material that is used for bottles, but also for other packaging purposes.

Millions of PET bottles are being used all around the world. Some are used as disposable bottles, others like in Germany are used as returnable bottles. The returnable ones are getting collected and send back to a recycling circuit. Not all of this collected material is recyclable or let’s say good enough to be turned into new bottles. The parts that are not used are sent to Asia, where they will be converted to textile fibers. If you see behind the end of your nose, you will realize that there are plastic bottles left as waste everywhere in the world. Like in India where our rugs are produced.

But how does one convert a plastic bottle into a thread that can be used to weave a rug?

Recycling facilities will mechanically break the plastic waste into so-called flakes and clean them from all sorts of labels and other residuum. Afterwards these little flakes will be melted and stretched into long strings and spun into threads on big spools. Depending on the size of the rug, 100 to 750 recycled PET bottles would go into the production of a rug.

A liv rug is hand-woven and made of 100% recycled plastic which is produced with low resource and energy consumption. This is our active contribution to the protection of the environment.

The final product is long-lasting, robust and a step into the direction of sustainable living.

All of our rugs carry the official GoodWeave seal. As licensee we provide a certified production and make sure no child labor is involved.

You can find detailed information in this blog post.


A rug made entirely of plastic bottles – doesn’t that feel strange to the touch?

Compared to our cotton rugs, you won’t feel a big difference. One might say that the PET rug feels like it is woven a bit more tightly and like if it was made of wool.

Would you notice a difference at first glance?


This model is called VIENNA and it is available in the following sizes:

60x 90 cm

70 x 140 cm

70 x 250 cm

140 x 200 cm

200 x 300 cm

The PET rugs are real all-rounders, diversely applicable and more important: uncomplicated in its daily usage!

In the kitchen during water battles at the sink or under the table so that you can spill as much as you like.


In front of your cozy sofa in the living room.


Under the table.


In the bathroom.


On balcony or verandah.


As a base for your pet’s bowl. PET for your pet – yeah!


All PET rugs can easily be washed in the laundry machine on 30°C and will be dry in the twinkling of an eye.


Now that you have tasted blood you’d like to have a look at the different designs from our collection? No problem, just click yourself through our current catalogue!

The rugs are already available at the following shops:

TM room 77 | Hamburg

Living colour | Munich

Engel & Bengel | Munich

Le Grand Comptoir | Paris

You can find your retailer here.

What would a rug be without the perfect escort? For the exterior use we recommend our cushions that are also made of PET-bottles. You will find these with matching fillers to resist the exertions of outdoor life – no rain will harm them. Thinking of this, we wonder whether they would want to join us during the next bathing session in the bath tub..

You can choose between several models in summery turquoise or maritime blue.


Do you remember the end of most fairytales?

 "And they lived happily ever after.” We are convinced that some fairytales come true.

Do you have any questions or comments?

We are looking forward to read your notes in the commentary section of this post.

Don’t worry, spring and summer are on their way and we will soon be holding our little noses towards the sun.

We wish you a lovely Easter holiday and we hope you can spend it with your loved ones!

Your liv interior team