How can you live sustainably?

We are also giving away a giveaway package on Instagram


It is our motivation and goal to make the world a little better with sustainably manufactured

products. Fortunately, we are not alone in this! We are now in the same boat with many other

great brands and we would like to introduce a few of them to you today and give you the chance

to win a great giveaway package with products from these four brands and a rug from us.




The GIVEAWAY package contains:

  •  a wall clock made of oak from Kerbholz
  • a hanging chair made of organic cotton by La Siesta
  • a lyocell blanket from Kipli a towel set
  • made of beech wood fibers and organic cotton in the color of your choice from Kushel and
  • a carpet made from recycled PET bottles from us

It's so easy to participate:

1. Follow @, @kipli_home, @lasiesta_de, @kerbholzofficial and @livinterior with your Instagram account

2. Like the entry for the competition on our Instagram account

3. Comment on our Instagram post about the competition with where you would most like to fly on our carpet



The winner will be drawn and notified on Monday, July 5th 2021, until then you can participate.


We keep our fingers crossed for you!


Here are a few background facts about the wonderful brands and the respective products:


Kushel is the first climate and resource positive textile brand in the world!

This means that they give back more to the environment than they need in production. How it works? Soft red beech wood from Austria and organic cotton from Tanzania are used for the towels, bathrobes and Kushel blankets.

This unique mix of materials makes the products soft and breathable and is particularly environmentally friendly. The energy and water consumption of production is calculated and compensated.

In addition, two trees are planted for each product. Together with consumers, Kushel is making an active contribution to stopping climate change.

Find more about Kushel here!


At the Cologne-based company KERBHOLZ, nature is in the DNA. The wonderful wall clocks of the Wall Clokk Alp Edition are made by a carpenter in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol. Only high-quality woods are used that come from controlled Tyrolean forestry. The cooperation with this carpenter optimizes the CO2 emissions on transport routes, uses local resources and promotes a local company.

The clocks are made of solid, fine natural wood and thanks to their reduced form they are light as a feather. Due to the unique grain of the wood, each Wall Clokk is unique. The wall clocks are noiseless, no ticking can be heard.

Find more about Kerbholz here!


The green brand Kipli offers natural bedding and furniture for a healthy home. It all started with the 100% natural Kipli mattress. It was designed with the aim of providing a sustainable alternative to 90% petroleum based synthetic mattresses on the market. In the meantime, the brand's product range has been expanded to include sustainable bedding and a first series of solid wood furniture.

The Kipli duvet is made from certified organic cotton and Lyocell TENCEL. It is made in southern Germany with respect for people and the environment. The choice of high-quality natural materials makes the Kipli duvet particularly soft, cozy and breathable. Thanks to the excellent temperature-regulating properties of the natural materials, you will neither sweat nor freeze with the Kipli duvet. In addition, the natural duvet is mite-repellent and antibacterial.

Find more about Kipli here!

La Siesta

Perfect weightlessness: The Comfort hanging chair offers optimal sitting and lying comfort in a compact space. Thanks to a special swivel, you can comfortably and safely rotate 360 ​​° in your hanging chair without the hanging cords turning. The product is handmade in Colombia and both the cotton and the wood come from high-quality sustainable resources with appropriate seals and certificates (GOTS and FSCTM).

The skin-friendly long fibers of the organic cotton make the cloth soft and durable.

Find more about  La Siesta here!

And from us, you find the liv interior carpet SAMI included in the package

PET bottles become carpets for the garden and balcony

In order to counteract the immense mass of existing plastic, they are processed into wonderful carpets by liv interior.

The SAMI rug has a classic Scandinavian design and adapts to various styles with its black and white pattern. It can be used both inside and outside; its water-repellent PET properties make it particularly suitable for the bathroom or balcony. It is hand-woven and 70x140cm and can easily be machine washed at 30 ° C.

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