„When I’ll be grown up, I am going to be a liv rug“, said the cotton thread...

The past few years our collection has enlarged and offers now a bigger range of rugs and bath mats.

During an interview Tina once answered the question why she decided to add rugs to her collection as follows:

„The effect of a rug is immense. It can change the whole character of your interior“. The cotton rugs from our collection are handmade, but affordable so that even young families can afford to buy a goodlooking rug which has not been produced in a mass production and most of all: it was produced under fair conditions.

After a few years we have found a manufactorer who suits our brand and whom we vistited every now and then to make sure that our rugs were produced under fair conditions. Each of our products is handwoven on a weaving loom. Furthermore, we wanted to create more lucency and get a seal of approval for our retailers and the buyers of our products. This is how our cooperation with GoodWeave was launched.

GoodWeave - We care!


Since January 2014 all our rugs carry the GoodWeave-label, which stands for child-labour free certified rugs.

Being a licensed manufacturer we support the educational programs offered by GoodWeave as the key to reducing child labour and breaking the cycle of poverty.

GoodWeave is a non-profit organisation that works to end exploitative child labour, inspecting factories and providing rehabilitation and education for former child weavers.

Local GoodWeave inspectors in Nepal and India conduct random visits to the licensed  manufacturers who – when Good Weaves strict no-child-labour standards are met – are issued unique, traceable certification lables for their rugs.

Programs GoodWeave sponsors for licensed manufacturers and their workers include: trainings on protection against environmental hazards in the workplace, human rights, health, sanitation and family planning.

If you would like to read more about GoodWeave please click here

In May 2014 it was time to create a new catalog for our rug collection.

läufer_cotton_new york city_liv interior
läufer_miami_outdoor_liv interior
teppich_casablanca_liv interior
läufer_bergen_liv interior

You will find our full collection here!

Catalogue shootings may be quite time-consuming and exhausting, but the joy during our work is absolutely priceless.

During this year’s production we were followed by the property’s dog named Luke.

Luke_liv interior

Luke is the nicest and most loyal dog I have ever got to know in such a short period. Very soon he became close friends with our own lady-dog Maja. He didn’t want to miss being at least on one picture with his new gal!


It seems like the love between Maja and Luke is now a sealed case.

And if we manage to find our magical hand, we’ll be working on a magic flying carpet. Sounds like a good plan, don’t you think?

Thanks for reading and have a good time,