No. 14

Day 14....still 10 more to go and christmas eve is about to knock at our doors!

Todays winner will get the chance to receive a golden embossed tray in oval shape. Ready for the question of the day?


To take part in our lottery, leave a comment that suits the question in the blog post and you will automatically be registered for today’s lottery!
The winner will be announced under this picture tomorrow.
Today’s question: "Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold!" - Which novel is you favorite?
May your day be solid gold!
P.S. The terms and conditions of our Christmas treat can be seen here!


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AND THE WINNER IS: Nila! Please send your adress by email to


Maria Görgens's picture
Maria Görgens

I love the book "glennkill" by Swann

Juliane's picture
Juliane (not verified)

Zählt Peter und der Wolf? :-)

Lena's picture
Lena (not verified)

"High Fidelity"

Jutta's picture
Jutta (not verified)

Stadt der Diebe!

Judith's picture
Judith (not verified)

Vom Ende der Einsamkeite - Benedikt Wells. Unheimlich gut!

Anna's picture
Anna (not verified)

ALLE Harry Potter Bücher :)

Nila's picture
Nila (not verified)

The Alchemist!
Habe das Buch bereits mehrmals gelesen und mir als Hörbuch angehört und würde es jeder Zeit wieder tun ;)

Diana Hauschildt's picture
Diana Hauschildt

Nila - Du bist die heutige Gewinnerin! Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

Bitte sende Deine Adresse an info@liv-interior.con

Eveline's picture

Im moment mein täglicher Begleiter weil es der kleine so sehr mag. Wo der Weihnachtsmann wohnt

Corinna 's picture
Corinna (not verified)

That is a really tough question, because a lot of books are really good. Just because it feels like home every time I open its cover I choose Harry Potter ;-)

Svenja 's picture
Svenja (not verified)

Der kleine Prinz <3

Isabelle's picture
Isabelle (not verified)

Ein ganzes halbes Jahr - so schön und traurig!

MAYEUX CHANTAL (not verified)

Bonjour , et bien moi c'est "Premier amour" de Tourgueniev , je tente ma chance et croise les doigts

Merci à vous et bonne soirée

Henrike 's picture
Henrike (not verified)

Uh, da gibt's massig. Der geheime Garten fand ich immer toll...

Lisa's picture
Lisa (not verified)

“To kill a mockingbird”

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