kangaroo paw meets fairs flatfleet!

As soon as the year takes a turn to its second half and the summer is approaching, we have our high season. At the local fairs throughout our republic even incorporating a side trip to the city of love, we present our new collection to the retailers.

The first fair of a season always takes us to Munich. In the (for most part) Bavarian heat, the decorating of xmas items seems widely absurd. But the retailers and not the least we need to be ahead of time so that everything can be in its place in the nice shops well in time.

One of the difficult tasks always is to find the appropriate plants and flowers that are not too summerlike as we are in the winter modus.

In the delightfully beautiful flower shop „Blumen-Art“ we were lucky to find what we were looking for and were getting excellent advice.

Do you know the „kangaroo paw“? 

Kängurupfote_liv interior.JPG


We have decided, this funny name definitely has potential to be the greatest flower name this season, don’t you agree?

Far away from every day life, during our trip this wonderful citation appeared upon us:

Quote_be who you are_liv interior.JPG

We found this little saying behind the counter of a kiosk. This made us wonder if every visitor might start thinking about the quote after reading it? In the end we decided that it is an ode to each of us and a reminder to always being who you want to be.

You might be wondering about our preview to this blog post and why we met a zebra on our hotel corridor. Well, we’ll try to explain!

Usually when we are in Munich, we enjoy having a short walk from the fair to the hotel to rest our little feet which use to be and feel quite flat after a long day standing on hard fair floors. Since we can remember, we always stayed in a hotel just in front of the fair. Unfortunately, this time our plan did not work out. All hotels which are close to the fair were fully booked because of a congress which was taking place the same weekend as the fair did. Thus, we landed in a hotel in the picturesque part of Munich called Haar. Located next to a field, foxes and rabbits were coming to our beds and telling us good night before we fell into a deep sleep.

But how did the zebra end up in the corridor?

Zebratasche_liv interior.jpg

Sometimes it happens that some of our samples only reach us when we already are at the fair. This time it happened with our beloved zebra bags. They do not only look like zebras but also could store one inside, as they are very spacious...

The last construction day I had put all the zebra bags into the zebra bag, but loaded as I was with my own stuff, I forgot the bag in the corridor. Realising it while I was having breakfast and taking a bite of my bread with nutella it just came out of my mouth: „Oh no, I forgot our zebras in the corridor!“ Which made my collegues laugh. A lot.

Tomorrow it’s time fort he „Nordstil“ fair in our hometown. We are very much looking forward to see many known but also new faces und will send you some impressions of the fair on Facebook and Instagram.

I wish a wonderful and sunny weekend to everyone who I do not personally meet at the fair!

Best wishes,


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