Re-used materials is the future

Liv Interior is a German interior-company with focus on textiles. Behind the company stands her founder and designer Tina Mirza, and she works with a yet small field of the interior market – the sustainable part. The product line from Liv Interior mainly consists of sustainable products made from re-used materials or organic grown cotton.

Hello Mama!

This sunday we will honor all wonderful mom´s all over the world. It´s Mom´s day! "Moms are simply the best" is not just a saying: No one else can hold a childs hand so safely, can blow away all our pains like a good fairy and can bake the world´s best pancakes like a mother!

Countdown: 30 days till Christmas

As every year the Christmas Season is approaching so rapidly that Christmas Day almost seem to come as a surprise! Does this happen to you too?

Sommer, Sonne, Hochsaion

Summer time / busy season: why each collection is worth paying a trip to, what a Zebra is doing on the hotel floor, and where we are hanging out, stay tuned!